Anna Malyuha – Melitopol (Ucraina)

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Anna Sergeevna Malyuha was born in Melitopol, Ukraine. She’s Art Designer and studied in Dnepropetrovsk (now Dnepr) Art College. After a collaboration with folk art studio Petrykivka nearby Dnepr, realizing many of folk ukranian fine art, and started to make some icons in academic style for the Nikolaiev Cathedral in 2012 and for Iverskaija Church in Dnepr. She was then trained in canonical iconography in Italy (san Leo laboratory nearby Bologna) and she also attended workshops in Cagliari at the Sardinian teological faculty. Actually she’s freelance artist in Melitopol, already painted more then 50 icons mostly for private collections in Ukraine, Italy and Portugal. Now she lives for long periods in Italy and collaborate with the italian master don Gianluca Busi and Maria Bonaria Anni.
Anna Sergeevna Malyuha
166 LomonosovaUl.
72313 Melitopol